Massage Therapy
Relax, rejuvinate, rediscover your male energy.


Welcome To Bodywork4men

At Bodywork for Men, we would like you to enjoy being a man and revel in the body you were created with. We welcome men who are looking to feel more at home in their bodies – men with intention to connect their mind, their body, and their spirit.

Sportsmen, survivors of abuse and men in recovery from addictions looking to reconnect to their body find this work especially helpful. Your age, body type and looks are not important to us. Many men with body image concerns find this work to be a transforming experience. Our intention is to honor you exactly as you are. Your age or looks are not relevant.

Our clients range in age from eighteen to their seventies. Any male eighteen or older is welcome. Our work is about male energy. We believe that all people have male energy. Our work is focused on persons who identify as male. Male energy is very fluid and not at all related to anatomy. We welcome anyone who identifies as male or wishes to explore masculine energy.

On Offer

  • Full Body Massages – 60 min - 90min (Sport Massage, Deep tissue massage or relaxation massage)
  • Male Grooming (Manscaping) – Waxing & Trimming of body hair
  • Body scrub & Body wraps
  • Aqua-Bliss4men – twice a month (August - May)
  • Workshops4men (meditation, conversation, training & coaching)
  • Cuddle Group for all men 
  • Stress Release Exercises 
  • Retreats 
  • International Retreats


We emphasis on working with men of all ages. Modern day man is mostly tense and stressed. A massage is often the best way to ease tension, relief stress and get rid of the aches and pains we have to endure on a daily basis.

We welcome all men who would like to experience a full body massage and the wonderful connection of mind, body and spirit. Persons from diverse backgrounds will find our services beneficial and this includes sportsmen, survivors of abuse and men in recovery from addictions. We often find men who have difficulty accepting their bodies and we want to assist them in accepting their bodies as unique and in no way inferior to anyone else. Above all, we want to help men dispel the notion, enforced on them by the media, that the bodies shown in the media is the norm and perfect, and all else is a failure. Click here for more info


Manscaping is often known as male body shaving. As part of our male grooming service, a selection of hair removal methods including male waxing, body shaving or clipping / trimming is available. Some clients prefer manscaping to waxing and for that reason we offer a selection of hair removal methods. Click here for more info


Aqua-Bliss combines music, movement and suspension in water where we connect to our authentic self, others and the world outside – letting go of the outside world, labels, we learn to trust and celebrate maleness.

Underwater sound and LED up-lighters helps to take you into deep meditative states.

It is a complete journey of about 90mins. Sometimes we move alone, and sometimes we do small group interactions of 2′s or 3′s.

Sensuality is key as it is the way in which we relate, inhabit and experience the world. When we awaken our senses we feel at one with the cosmos and each other.

This is a “Brotherhood Connection” and we use water envelope, protect and connect. Water is life and very much ALIVE!

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE - click here for more info


Conversations, coaching and Meditation helps us to connect with our inner soul, therefore we offer monthly events, retreats and gatherings to connect and better us on all levels. See our calendar and/or more info about these events.